Avitech provides innovative and affordable monitoring solutions. We design, develop, and distribute products for a broad range of customers in the broadcast, professional A/V, and IT industries. Our products include multiviewers, converters with scalers, extenders, and encoders, all of which serve a wide variety of customer needs, from custom A/V installations to control room applications. Avitech provides affordable, reliable solutions to complex problems in dynamic markets.

At Avitech, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive knowledge of monitoring solutions. We pioneered multiviewer technology with our proprietary Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) design, and innovative culture has continued to drive our success. Our technology also features “No Single Point of Failure,” designed to prevent failures in single modules from impacting entire systems. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to continually improving and expanding our product portfolio to serve our customers’ evolving needs. Avitech’s products offer significant price advantages and powerful customization options to meet a broad range of requirements in leading-edge monitoring systems.

We understand that our customers operate in very competitive and fast-paced industries. Avitech is committed to quickly meeting customer needs, from tech support to product delivery. You can count on us to be at your service whenever you need us.

At Avitech Internation Corporation, we pledge to serve your needs by continually improving and expanding our product portfolio. Avitech strives to create a vibrant, open work environment for our employees and to provide unparalleled service for our customers, suppliers, and partners.

We invite you to learn more about Avitech and our products through our website or by email at info@avitechvideo.com.



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