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Rainier 3G Plus

Datasheet (1.48Mb)

Modular Card-Based SDI/CVBS Multiviewer with Cascading Capability.

Key Features

Modular Card-Based: Compact 1RU chassis houses up to 4 independent multiviewer cards, each features 4 auto-sensing inputs and a multiview output.
Extensive Video Controls: Include free-scaling windows up to full screen size, PiP layering, flexible layout configurations and OSD settings.
Internal Cascade Architecture: Allows grouping of any 2, 3, or 4 cards for displaying 8, 12, and 16 image/video on one screen simply by drag-and-drop on the GUI.
Scalable Configurations: Expand multiviewing beyond 16 sources; cascading multiple Rainier 3G Plus allows up to 160 image/video sources to be monitored on one display.


The Rainier 3G Plus multiviewer allows monitoring a mix of 3G/HD/SD-SDI and CVBS signals on a single screen. Its 1RU modular enclosure can house four multiviewer cards of two types. The 3G Plus-1 card supports quad-view with free-scaling windows and flexible layout control. The 3G Plus-Q card delivers a quad-split only solution with full screen capability.
Both cards feature HDMI and SDI dual outputs with 1080 clarity.

Through internal cascade, individual cards can be flexibly grouped and display up to 16 sources over a single multiviewer output.
Duplicated multiview display can be simultaneously monitored from any of the grouped cards without the need for external DA.

User can easily expand the system by externally cascading up to 10 units. Managed from a single point of control, the cascaded system facilitates monitoring up to 160 sources per display. This scalable design ensures a cost-effective multiviewer solution that dynamically adapts to growing studio and production requirements.


1RU chassis houses up to four independent and field-serviceable multiviewer cards (3G Plus-1 & 3G Plus-Q card).
Support any combination of SDI (3G/HD/SD) and CVBS (NTSC/PAL) signals auto-sensed at the inputs.
Each card features HDMI and SDI dual outputs for local/remote display or downstream equipment (SDI outputs at 1080p or 720p).
Internal cascade allows grouping of any 2/3/4 3G Plus-1 cards for displaying 8/12/16 sources on one screen; or duplicated onto multiple screens without external DA.
Multiple units cascade (up to 10 units) via SDI cabling expands multiview display up to 160 sources (only available with 3G Plus-1 cards).
Video controls include free-scaling windows (for 3G Plus-1 only) and aspect ratio control, adjustable safe area, and various OSD settings.
Audio output supports HDMI/SDI embedded and analog audio output with delay adjustment.
Dynamic software control from distance over TCP/IP; or use the built-in LCD panel for basic operation.
Redundant dual DC power supply with user-definable power failure alarming scheme.
Up to 14 presets can be saved and recalled per card.
Pass MIL-STD-810G test method 514.6 for US truck under random vibration while in operation.

Feature Highlights
Feature Availability 3G Plus-Q 3G Plus-1
HDMI Output
Max. Output Resolution (HDMI) 1920×1200 @60 Hz 1920×1200 @60 Hz
SDI Output 720p @50/60 Hz
1080p @50/60 Hz
720p @50/60 Hz
1080p @50/60 Hz
SDI Embedded Audio Input
Stereo Phono Jack Audio Output
Multiview Display Quad-split/Full-screen Free-scaling Windows
Digital Clock/User Logo
LTC/SDI Embedded Time Code Display SDI Embedded Only
BMP/UMD Label, Border & Audio Meter
OSD, Video Loss/Freeze/Black, AFD, CC,
and Audio Loss/High/Low/Phase
Dual DC Power Supply
LCD Panel for Recall of Preset and Control
Support TSL via RS-232
Phoenix-Q Software Support
Avitech ASCII Protocol Support
CHASSIS Up to 4 Cards in 1RU
REAR PANEL Input 1 x RJ-45 (Ethernet)
1 x RJ-45 (RS-232 for TSL UMD protocol control)
1 x RJ-45 (RS-485 for communication cascade input)
1 x BNC (LTC input)—only for Rainier 3G Plus-1 card
1 x BNC (for video cascade input)—only for Rainier 3G Plus-1 card
Output 1 x Stereo Phono Jack (stereo/headphone)
1 x RJ-45 (RS-485 for communication cascade output)


Rainier 3G Plus-1 (free-scaling) & 3G Plus-Q (quad-split/full-screen) Card
Input 4 x BNC
Automatic sensing input signals of SDI (3G/HD/SD) / CVBS (NTSC/PAL)
Output 1 x HDMI (video/audio)
Max. Resolution 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA) @50/60 Hz
1600 x 1200 (UXGA) @75 Hz
1 x BNC
Resolution at 1080p and 720p @50/60Hz
POWER REQUIREMENTS 100−240V AC / 24V DC Adapter / Max. 110 Watt
DIMENSION (LxWxH) 17.28 x 12.20 x 1.75 inch (43.90 x 31.00 x 4.44 cm)
WEIGHT 9.26 lbs (4.2 Kg)
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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