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Rainier Summit

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Card-Based Multiviewer
The Rainier series features high quality multiviewers exclusively for processing SDI (3G/HD/SD) and CVBS (NTSC/PAL) signals.

Rainier Summit

4K-Compatible, Router-Integrated Multiviewer.

Key Features

Signal Mix-and-Match: Auto-sensing of SDI (3G/HD/SD) and CVBS (NTSC/PAL) signal sources from extensive range of AV equipment; supports any combination of source signals with various formats and timings.
Router Integrated Flexibility: Built-in router enables flexible signal routing across multiple cards and displays. Independent of the HDMI multiview outputs, each SDI output features multiview video or any source signal routing.
Monitoring with 4K sharpness: HDMI outputs support full range of video resolutions up to 4K UHD (3840×2160 @30) with 8-channel embedded audio.
Streamlined Operation: Seamless layout and system configuration through user-friendly control software; dynamic window sizing/positioning, graphic element setting, and display cascading by simple drag-and-drop on the GUI.



The Rainier Summit series is Avitech’s newest addition of multiviewers designed to meet 4K monitoring demands.
The 2RU Rainier Summit-2 with modular design accommodates up to 24 multi-rate SDI / CVBS video sources on 6 hot-swappable multiviewer cards. Each card features both HDMI and SDI outputs that can be independently configured for meeting various display and production requirements. Rainier Summit-2 offers high-resolution multiview video and on-screen graphics up to 4K30 Ultra HD (UHD) clarity while managing with complete layout flexibility.

Utilizing a high-speed built-in router, Rainier Summit-2 enables flexible switching and unlimited signal repetition across image windows of different multiviewer cards. Through internal and external cascading, it allows user to combine multiple cards for multiview monitoring up to 100 sources; ideal in building fully dynamic multiviewing systems for video production and in master control. Alternatively, the standalone Rainier Summit-S features a compact 1RU multiviewer. Retaining 4K30 UHD video quality, it is an ideal solution for small-scale monitoring applications.

Features (Rainier Summit-2)


4K UHD multiviewer offers Ultra HD (3840×2160@30) video clarity and sharpness for wide range of monitoring applications.
Modular 2RU chassis houses up to 6 independent multiviewer cards (Summit-2); 1RU standalone model is available for small-scale monitoring demands (Summit-S).
Hot-swappable cards support card addition and replacement with minimal downtime and operation interruption.
Mix-and-match of SDI (3G Level A&B/HD/SD) and CVBS source signals with extensive range of resolutions (up to 1080p60).
Integrated router enables flexible signal routing and repetition across multiple displays; no external upstream routers required.
Internal cascade architecture allows grouping of any cards within a chassis for displaying 8, 12, 16, 20, or 24 video sources on a single screen.
Multiview outputs can be duplicated and concurrently monitored from different cards without external DA or routing cabling.
Cascading up to 25 cards from multiple Rainier Summit-2 facilitates monitoring 100 sources on one display (or duplicated to multiple displays).
Separate HDMI & SDI outputs feature independently configured multiview videos; any source signal can be directly routed to any or multiple SDI outputs.
Genlock capability supports synchronizing multiviewer outputs to the reference signal.
Intuitive control via Avitech Phoenix-Q software; dynamic video/graphic sizing, positioning, and display cascading by simple drag-and-drop on the GUI.
Linear Time Code (LTC) / Vertical Interval Time Code (VITC) / Embedded Time Code (LTC/VITC/DVITC) display.

Feature Highlights
4K Ultra HD Multiviewer

Rainier Summit takes various combinations of inputs and offers pristine multiview displays with Ultra HD (3840×2160@30) clarity. It manages with flexible layout and an abundance of on-screen graphics, text, and alarms with equivalent 4K sharpness.
Easily configured via the control software, Rainier Summit is ideal for various production, studio monitoring, and command-and-control operations.

Router-Integrated Flexibility

Built-in router enables routing of any source signal across multiple displays (unlimited signal repetition across both HDMI and SDI monitors). Requiring no external routers or switchers, Rainier Summit delivers a single multiviewing solution that ensures optimized monitoring flexibility and simple system installation.

Independent HDMI & SDI Routing

Each card features independently configured HDMI and SDI multiview outputs (with resolutions up to 4K30 and 1080p60 respectively). Moreover, any source signal can be directly routed to SDI outputs for local/remote preview or production usage.
Affording more than simple mirrored-output solution, Rainier Summit is dedicated to both high-end multiview monitoring and flexible signal routing/distribution throughout the facility.

Feature-Rich On-Screen Display

Incorporating a dedicated graphic engine, the Rainier Summit improves on the rest of Rainier multiviewers by offering enhanced on-screen displays. Featuring industry-standard on-screen elements facilitating video & audio monitoring, metadata reporting, as well as instant alarms for signal anomalies and power & fan failure, Rainier Summit delivers critical information through visuals that is essential for any production/broadcasting operations.

Internal Cascade Configuration

Rainier Summit’s internal cascading architecture manages grouping of individual cards to expand multiviewing capability.
By simple drag-and-drop on the GUI, user can combine all the sources from cascaded cards and monitor through any respective outputs. Cascading all 6 cards enables monitoring up to 24 sources on a single screen, or duplicated onto multiple screens without additional distribution cabling.

Internal multiple path cascading with integrated routing control further enhances multiviewing flexibility.
User can monitor any combination of sources, from 4 up to 24 on the same screens regardless of which input port or multiviewer card each source enters.

External Cascade Configuration

Scalable architecture allows multiviewer cards from multiple Rainier Summit to be externally cascaded. Connecting 2 Rainier Summit via HDMI/SDI cabling adds sources from the first unit (Unit ID: 1) to the second one (Unit ID: 2). Two Rainier Summit with up to 12 cards cascaded facilitate monitoring of 48 sources on one screen.

Utilizing external cascade enables user to group 25 multiviewer cards from different Rainier Summit and monitor up to 100 sources on a single screen (multiple screens when duplicated). This future-proofing system expansion dynamically addresses the changing monitoring requirements and minimizes the need to replace the existing systems. All cascaded units are managed and controlled as a single integrated multiviewer via one instance of Phoenix-Q software.

Standalone Rainier Summit-S

Retaining 4K30 UHD video quality as the modular 2RU model, Rainier Summit-S supports mix-and-match of 4 multi-rate SDI/CVBS inputs and both HDMI & SDI outputs. A compact and standalone multiviewer, Rainier Summit-S aims for small-scale monitoring applications with quality and efficient space-usage at a premium.

Rainier Summit-2
CHASSIS 2RU modular with 1 control card and up to 6 multiviewer cards
CONTROL CARD Input 1 x RJ-45 (Software control via Ethernet)
1 x RJ-50 (for LTC1, LTC2 time code input and RS-232)
1 x HDMI (for HDMI cascade in)
1 x BNC (for SDI cascade in 1)
1 x BNC (for SDI cascade in 2)
1 x BNC (for Genlock source input)
1 x BNC (for VITC/LTC3 time code input)
2 x USB-A (forthcoming keyboard/mouse control for the in-system GUI)
Output 1 x Stereo phono jack
1 x BNC (for Genlock signal output)
1 x HDMI (forthcoming in-system GUI output to a local monitor)
SDI CARD Input 4 x BNC
Automatic sensing input signals of SDI (3G Levels A&B/HD/SD) / CVBS (NTSC/PAL)
Output 1 x HDMI (multiview video)
Max. Resolution 3840×2160 (Ultra HD) @30 Hz (RGB444)
1920×1200 (WUXGA) @50/60 Hz (RGB444)
1 x BNC (multiview video or routed output for any source signal)
Multiview video
Resolution at 1080p and 1080i 50/59.94/60 Hz (YCbCr422)
Source signal routed output
Max. Resolution 1920x1080p (Full HD) @50/60Hz; CVBS source
automatically converted to SD-SDI output
POWER SUPPLY AC100-240V 50/60Hz
DIMENSION (LxWxH) 16.11 x 17.28 x 3.50 inch (40.93 x 43.90 x 8.88 cm)
WEIGHT 20.28 lbs (9.20 Kg)


Rainier Summit-S
CHASSIS 1RU standalone
Input 4 x BNC
Automatic sensing input signals of SDI
(3G Levels A&B/HD/SD) / CVBS (NTSC/PAL)
Output 1 x HDMI (multiview video)
Max. Resolution 3840×2160 (Ultra HD) @30 Hz (RGB444)
1920×1200 (WUXGA) @50/60 Hz (RGB444)
1 x BNC (multiview video)
Resolution at 1080p and 1080i 50/59.94/60 Hz (YCbCr422)
ETHERNET (IP) Software control via Ethernet
POWER SUPPLY AC100-240V 50/60Hz
DIMENSION (LxWxH) 13.33 x 17.28 x 1.75 inch (33.86 x 43.90 x 4.44 cm)
WEIGHT 4.85 lbs (2.20 Kg)


Rainier Summit-2 / Summit-S
TEMPERATURE Operation : 0 °C (32 °F) to 40 °C (104 °F)
Storage : –10 °C (14 °F) to 50 °C (122 °F)
HUMIDITY 0 % to 80 % relative, non-condensing
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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