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Sequoia 4K60 & 4K60L

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Sequoia 4K60

Flexible 4K60 KVM-Multiviewer for seamless matrix switching, building multi-monitor user workstations and 4K UHD video walls, with 4K UHD multi-touch presentation and operation.

Key Features

Seamless Matrix Switching: A 4 in-5 out 4K60 seamless switch matrix.

Workstation Collaboration: Provide multiview and single view workstations with integrated KVM.

Multi-Touch Multiple Screen Operation: Five concurrent HDMI 2.0 outputs and five USB-A ports enable the Sequoia 4K60 to connect up to five 4K UHD multi-touch screens.

UHD Video Wall Processing: 4K60 UHD video wall control with PiP and free-scaling windows in 2 (row) x2 (column), 1×2, 1×3, 1×4 configurations.

Seamless PiP Projection: Freely adjustable quad-multiview windows with PiP, and full screen capability for all sources.


The Sequoia 4K60 is Avitech’s latest 4K 60Hz UHD KVM-multiview product with unique innovative features. It is a half-width 1RU chassis, with four HDMI 2.0 (4K60) input ports and four USB-B ports. For outputs, there are five HDMI ports for 4K60 UHD output and five USB-A ports.

With built-in mutliviewing capability, any of the outputs can show up to four sources on one screen. The five USB-A ports support KVM matrix switching and touch operation on all the HDMI outputs. Seamless video switching and keyboard mouse switching can be easily controlled by a web based GUI, a connected keyboard/mouse, a touch tablet, a display monitor with touch operation, or any other third party control device via the integrated API and Ethernet/Serial communications.

Additional Features

Plug & Play automatic configuration of multiple user workstations with a mix of multiview and single view KVM.
Freely adjustable quad-multiview windows with PiP, and full screen capability for all sources.
Easy KVM switching between input sources using the Surfer feature, a combination of mouse and keyboard commands, or the touch-capable in-system web based GUI.
On-screen display of source labels, video wall borders, and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI).
Multi-touch operation supported for all five HDMI outputs and USB-A ports.
Support multiple 4K60 UHD projectors with seamless switching of sources.

Sequoia 4K60 System Diagram

Feature Highlights

The Sequoia 4K60 is a 4K UHD multiview and KVM switch. The half rack width unit chassis can take four HDMI 2.0 and USB-B inputs, and has five HDMI output ports for 4K60 UHD output and multiview, with USB-A ports for mouse and keyboard control at multiple workstations.

Operating Modes

The Sequoia 4K60 can be used to create multiple workstations for multiple operators, each with 4K UHD output monitors operated with one set of mouse/keyboard, for total monitoring and control of up to four video or computer sources.

KVM Multiview Touch Operation

The Sequoia 4K60’s five HDMI 2.0 outputs and five USB-A ports can connect to up to five 4K UHD multi-touch monitors. On the single-view full screen monitors, the operator can use touch to quickly and easily switch between the different input sources, with touch control of the source computers. On the multiview, tap and drag to freely move the windows around and make them larger or smaller, and double-tap on a window to switch touch control to a different source computer.

4K UHD Video Wall

With the four front HDMI outputs, the Sequoia 4K60 can create video walls with 4K UHD panels. Inputs and outputs can support up to 4K60 at 4:4:4, with picture-in-picture and free-scaling windows. The user-friendly web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) is in-system, so no downloads are needed. It can be operated from a computer’s web browser or touch capable devices like smartphones and tablets, making the video wall simple to configure and control. The integrated API allows third party control.

4K UHD Auditorium Displays

The Sequoia 4K60 offers seamless switching of the input sources to any of the single-view fullscreen outputs.

The web-browser based GUI offers easy and intuitive control from computers and handheld touch devices. When in display mode, four outputs can duplicate two picture-in-picture (PiP) images, and one output can create a preview multiview.

  Sequoia 4K60 Sequoia 4K60L
Source HDMI Input # 4 4
USB-B Port 4 4
Output HDMI # 5 4
USB-A Port 5 3
Source Switching without multiview Seamless 4-in-5 out Seamless 4-in-4 out
Source Switching
with multiview preview
Seamless: #2-5 outputs
with single image at full screen
Instant: #2-4 outputs
with single image at full screen
Multiview Output #1 : Main multiview
Output #2-4 : Duplicated
Output #1 : Main multiview
Output #2-4 : Duplicated
Auto KVM Workstation Configuration Multiple; up to 5 users Single user
UHD/FHD Multi-touch operation Multiple incidences on 5 outputs Single incidence on 4 outputs
UHD/FHD video wall control PiP 2×2, 1×2, 1×3, 1×4
(dual image layer per output)
2×2, 1×2, 1×3, 1×4
(single image layer per output)
UHD/FHD projection PiP Duplicated Projection
with multiview preview
PiP Duplicated Projection
without multiview preview
Daisy chain multiview with KVM
and multi-touch
N/A Yes, for up to 16 sources

per UHD/FHD screen

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