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TitanWall 400

Datasheet (3.53Mb)

Hardware based, real-time video wall processor.

Card-Based Multiviewer / Video Wall Processor
Dedicated video wall processor TitanWall series delivers high-performance wall solutions beyond 72 screens.


Hardware based, real-time video wall processor.

Key Features

Fast Boot Up: Less than 10 seconds.
Flexible Configuration: Hot-swappable input and output cards.
Multiple Video Wall Operation: One unit capable of controlling 4 independent video walls.
Multiple Image Layers: Up to 4 layers of PiP.
Easy Service: Hot-swappable fan tray and power supply.
Monitoring With Confidence: Source preview of video wall layout on the user interface.
Reliable Operation: Hardware based without PC overheads and vulnerability.
Software Wall Mapping: Dynamic wall configuration regardless of physical output connection to the screens.


TitanWall 404 / 408 / 414 / 422 are Avitech’s latest series of video/media wall processors.
The unique hot-swappable input and output cards supporting various video formats, along with redundant hot-swappable power supplies all aim for no single point of failure operations.
The four models of the TitanWall series support flexible I/O combinations, offering wall solutions for up to 4 independent video walls and a total of 72 displays, suitable for applications of any scope.
Enhanced video processing also allows seamless switching between inputs from up to 128 sources, with duplicated sources available for each application demand.


Full hardware architecture dedicated to high performance video and imagery processing; boot time of less than 10 seconds.
Redundant power supply ensures 24/7 operation; no PC overheads and vulnerability.
Hot-swappable modular I/O card-based design features various I/O combinations and field-serviceable with minimum operation interruption.
Wide selection of various input and output cards for up to 128 graphics and video sources across a video wall of 72 screens.
High bandwidth crosspoint technology achieves a truly seamless signal switch.
Multiple-wall supportive, featuring one wall processor controlling up to 4 independently configured video walls.
Free scaling of videos up to full-wall size; free positioning of videos within or across multiple screens with bezel adjustment ensuring smooth and continuous display.
Flexible configuration of screen layouts; each screen is capable of displaying up to 4 videos of any size, position, and layering.
Easy control through Windows-based software over Ethernet; user-configurable wall mapping regardless of physical output connection to the screens.

Swappable Input and Output Cards Hot-swappable
Redundant Fan and Power Supply Hot-swappable
Boot Time < 10 seconds
Software Wall Mapping  ✓
Any Input to Any Output  ✓
Control Multiple Independent Walls 4
Input Source preview  ✓
PiP (Picture in Picture)  ✓
Seamless Signal Switch  ✓
Image Cropping  ✓
Presets with Briefing 32 presets max
Background Image Support Bitmap file
EDID Management  ✓

Titan Wall System Diagram

Feature Highlights

Scalable Video Wall Processor

TitanWall 400 series is available in 4 different chassis, housing all image processing and I/O connectivities for supporting video wall systems with up to 128 input sources across 72 screens. All chassis allow for various combinations of I/O cards to match specific source signal and video wall configurations.

Model (Chassis) 404 408 414 422
Rack Space 4U 8U 14U 22U
Input Card Slots 6 13 24 32
Output Card Slots* 2 5 9 18
Max. Input Ports 24 52 96 128
Max. Output Ports 8 18 36 72
Control Software Phoenix-W (Windows-based GUI)
Power Supply User-swappable Dual Redundant; Hot-swappable
*The optional preview card for input source preview occupies an output card slot.

Flexible I/O Combination

Wide selections of modular I/O cards support extensive range of graphics and videos from various devices.
Selectable I/O varieties include digital signals up to 4K30 UHD resolutions, analog signals up to 1920×1200 (WUXGA),
as well as extended HDBaseT signals for long-distance transmission.

Control Interface

Control of TitanWall 400 series is available via the complemented Windows-based software-Phoenix W over TCP/IP.
The software’s intuitive UI provides a user-configurable virtual wall canvas as the visual layout of the video wall.
Changes made on the canvas can be viewed instantaneously on the actual wall application.

  1. Virtual canvas reflects actual wall application
  2. Setups and tools to configure and customize targeted video wall
  3. Auto detect available sources and formats; source selection through simple drag-and-drop to the virtual canvas
  4. Preview windows for all input sources
  5. User-configured presets (32 presets max); adjustable preset sequence and time interval for looping displays

Dynamic Software Control

Software wall mapping for dynamic wall configuration regardless of physical output connection to the screens; this allows great flexibility to accurately map targeted outputs to the correct wall screens without cabling restrictions
Simple drag-and-drop operation on the UI to freely assign videos to a wall, positioning, and scaling up to full-wall size across multiple screens
Area-of-interest cropping for advanced monitoring of emphasized details
OSD setup displays customizable label for each source on the wall

Multiple-Wall Supportive

As opposed to conventional wall processors designated to control single video wall, TitanWall 400 series features simultaneous processing of up to 4 independent video walls. One Phoenix W4 console is capable of controlling all 4 walls.

Each video wall can be independently configured to have varied screen numbers and layout, display resolutions,
and bezel width, meeting demands of multiple video walls that may employ different multi-screen arrays or screen selections.

Source Layering (PiP)

Videos can be freely positioned to overlap, as well as within other sources to achieve PiP display
High resolution background images uploaded and stored to TitanWall 400 series’ flash memory can be selected and viewed on the video wall as a source
Each screen supports simultaneous displaying of up to 4 layers of sources including the background image

Infinite Source Duplication

Each input source can be duplicated across multiple screens as well as multiple video walls.

Secure Operation and Monitoring

Paired with designated preview output card, TitanWall 400 series enables all of its input sources to be monitored via the UI prior to being assigned to the wall, allowing operator to preview the validity of video content

The Phoenix W software supports creation of multiple user accounts with differentiated access privileges, offering users with varying levels of control over TitanWall 400 series

Video Extension

Incorporating I/O cards following the HDbaseT standard, TitanWall 400 series is capable of displaying uncompressed, high-resolution graphics and video sources from up to 100 meters away, and supports up to 100 meters video transmission to remote video walls over standard Cat5e/6 cables.

Command and Control Center

Command and control centers monitor and analyze aggregated information prior to making critical decisions related to military, security, emergency, or traffic control services.
Wide varieties of sources ranging from broadcast, traffic and surveillance camera systems, to computers designated for communications, data analysis and processing, are all monitored and managed within the centers.
These fast-paced, mission critical environments require large amount of various information to be instantly viewable by all the staffs for high situational awareness and optimal decision-making in a timely manner.

Accommodating various I/O card combinations, TitanWall 400 series can simultaneously display large number of broadcast, camera feeds, and PC sources across flexibly configured arrays of screens. Its full hardware-based architecture and redundant power supply ensure reliable 24/7 operation without the risk of software virus, which is mandatory in mission-critical applications. Support of displaying 4K/UHD graphics and videos,along with area-of-interest cropping
capability enables display of data and visuals in greater details for better assessment and responses.
Screens can be flexibly configured as one large-scale video wall, or as multiple video walls across command areas, offices, and meeting rooms within the control center.


Companies seek large display solutions for production line and surveillance monitoring, conference/training rooms and digital signage for enhanced visuals to improve streamlined operation, decision-making, and customer engagement.
As the scale of each display application grows, the more complex system integration and management as well as cablings and wirings become.

TitanWall 400 series is capable of driving multiple large-scale video walls within the corporation.
Through software mapping, targeted sources can be easily assigned to be displayed across different video walls
located at security, conference, and training rooms respectively regardless of physical cabling restrictions.
Each wall can directly employ and switch between user-defined presets. To reinforce the company’s brand,
video wall signage located at the lobby can also display compelling corporate content, product and technology updates.
TitanWall 400 series’ 24/7 robustness ensures reliable and continuing operation of all video walls.

Digital Signage

Scalable video walls used for informative messaging, advertising, entertainment or architectural ambiance are capable of reaching larger audience than any conventional small-scale, single-board digital signage.
The capability to reliably distribute wide ranges of media from news, camera feeds, media players and PC to convey diverse information at various locations, as well as to easily manage content being displayed for delivery of targeted and powerful customer communications are highly demanded. Integrated solutions for such demands require AV systems much more versatile than any conventional digital signage or video wall processor can offer.

Easy mapping and duplicating of designated sources across multiple video walls, TitanWall 400 series supports
user-friendly signage management to accurately convey and provide crucial information to targeted audiences across a network of displays. Flexibly applicable to the retail industry such as food, fashion, and entertainment, administrators can effectively market relevant messages to potential customers with 4K/UHD clarity.
When used at transportation hubs, informative messages such as inbound/outbound schedules and gate/platform details can be mapped to multiple locations easily reached by passengers; while news, weather conditions, and topical information can be displayed in waiting areas. Source previews are available to be monitored by administrators for secure content control and management with 24/7 robustness.


Model (Chassis) 404 408 414 422
Rack Space 4U 8U 14U 22U
Input Card Slots 6 13 24 32
Output Card Slots* 2 5 9 18
Max. Input Ports 24 52 96 128
Max. Output Ports 8 18 36 72
Control Software Phoenix-W4 (Windows-based GUI)
Control Board Network: 10/100 Base-T – Serial (In): RS-232 – Serial (Out): RS-232
Power Supply User-swappable Dual Redundant; Hot-swappable
Power Requirements 100-220 V AC /
Max. 200 Watt
100-220 V AC /
Max. 340 Watt
100-220 V AC /
Max. 700 Watt
100-220 V AC /
Max. 900 Watt
Dimension (HxWxD) 175 x 440 x 380 mm
(7 x 17.2 x 15 in)
356 x 440 x 316 mm
(14 x 17.2 x 12.4 in)
620 x 440 x 380 mm
(24.5 x 17.2 x 15 in)
975 x 440 x 380 mm
(38.5 x 17.2 x 15 in)
Weight 11 kg (24.3 lbs) 17 kg (37.5 lbs) 24 kg (52.9 lbs) 35 kg (77.2 lbs)
Safety Regulations FCC, CE, CCC, ROHS
*The optional preview card for input source preview occupies an output card slot.

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