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Pacific MS

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HDMI/DVI/VGA/YPbPr/SDI and IP/HDBaseT KVM Switch Integrated with Multiviewer.

Key Features

All-In-One KVM Matrix Switch: Incorporates HDMI/DVI/SDI signal switching, monitoring, and operation functions into a modular 2RU/3RU/6RU enclosure.
Independent Routing: Video and mouse/keyboard control through the non-blocking 12×8 (MS-2) / 20×16 (MS-3) / 32×32 (MS-6) matrix switching architecture.
Multiviewer Output Cards: With mouse/keyboard connectivity provide quad/dual-view monitoring and remote access to multiple systems.
Scalable Architecture: Enables multiple Pacific MS to be cascaded for meeting additional operation or monitoring requirements; all units are managed via one monitor and mouse/keyboard.


The Pacific MS is a modular matrix switch that incorporates switching, distribution, monitoring, and operation of multiple computing devices and video signals into a 2, 3, and 6 RU enclosure.
It offers high-speed video routing, flexible KVM switching, and multiviewing capabilities through various I/O card combinations.

Designed for streamlined operation for a cluster of users with multiple systems, Pacific MS allows creation of multi-screen multiview user space by grouping display outputs. The “Surfer” feature allows user to manage a variety of systems across multiple monitors and seamlessly switch control to any of the system via one set of mouse and keyboard.

Pacific MS provides an in-system GUI for switching and routing configuration, as well as real-time monitoring of source/output for routing preview and confirmation. Additionally, user can remotely access any of the system directly on the GUI, ideal for wide range of applications in need of a centralized administration solution.


Module Card-Based Design

2RU/3RU/6RU enclosure with I/O cards and field-serviceable fan modules.
Non-blocking 12×8 (MS-2) / 20×16 (MS-3) / 32×32 (MS-6) matrix architecture for video and mouse/keyboard switching.
Redundant power supply ensures mission-critical reliability (works with Avitech Power Supply Station).

Flexible I/O and Workstation Configuration

Wide selection of I/O cards for multi-format signal routing, quad/dual multiview monitoring and KVM switching.
Auto-senses HDMI/DVI/VGA/YPbPr and SDI (3G/HD/SD) / CVBS (NTSC/PAL) source signals. (*HDMI 1.4 and SMPTE 424M/292M/344M/259M compliant).
HDMI I/O cards are HDCP compliant with support of videos with 8-channel embedded audio.
HDBaseT and IP input and output cards (SIB-T/SIB-IP and SOB-T) used in conjunction with Avitech’s Pacific extenders.
Adaptive video equalization extends cabling distance up to 40m for 1080p/60 HDMI source signal.
Output cards provide mouse/keyboard connectivity for direct system control (up to 4 systems from a quad multiviewer card).
Output grouping and “Surfer” empower streamlined user space operation (control up to 16 systems across 4 screens via one set of mouse and keyboard).
Quad/dual cards work in conjunction with the GUI Box to provide individual video routing for all user spaces.

Intuitive Control and System Administration

In-system GUI facilitates switching and configuring grouped user space via local monitor, USB mouse and keyboard*; no additional software required. (* All Pacific MS’ USB interfaces are USB 2.0 compliant)
Real-time monitoring of any 2 images for customizable preview/confirmation windows; enables remote control of source systems directly on the GUI.
Control Board (CB) provides local system connection allowing seamless switch of operation between the GUI and local system.
Drag-and-drop operation of video routing and keyboard/mouse switching from any input to any output on the GUI.
Front push-button panel provides an alternate switching/routing control for MS-2 and 3.
With Wake-on-LAN feature for turning on computers on the network.
Supports multi-language.

Feature Highlights
HDMI / SDI and KVM Switch Integrated with Multiviewer

Accommodating a comprehensive set of I/O cards, the Pacific MS incorporates high-performance multiviewer and KVM switch into one chassis. Capable of taking HDMI, DVI and SDI source signals from a variety of AV/IT equipment, it delivers an integrated solution for signal routing and distribution, concurrent monitoring, as well as KVM switching for streamlined access to multiple systems.

Non-Blocking Any-to-Any Switch

The Pacific MS handles multiple video formats and can serve as the hub for connecting a mix of computers, cameras, and videos to monitors and projectors. With instant matrix crosspoint coupled with non-blocking switching architecture, Pacific MS is capable of mapping varied sources to any one or multiple destinations located nearby or disparately per application demand.

Seamless & Concurrent Switch

Employing output cards with dual scalers, the Pacific MS delivers an affordable solution to seamlessly switch/route any video signal across numerous displays. Multiple sets of sources can also be seamlessly routed to respective destinations all at once with a single command, fully addressing the needs for uninterrupted image or video transitions throughout staging and presentation applications.

Output Grouping & Multi-Monitor Workstation

The Pacific MS features grouping of individual outputs and creating multi-monitor workstations for easy management over multiple systems. Without requiring separate sets of mouse/keyboard, the operator can seamlessly switch to control any workstation computer by simply moving the mouse pointer from one screen/window to another (“Surfer” feature).

Integrated Single-User Workstation

Custom workstation allows user to access information coming from disparate sources and networks within easy reach.
Taking streamlined workflow to the next level, the Pacific MS enables grouping the controlling GUI with other outputs.
This forms an integrated workstation for effective operation space across multiple systems.

Multi-User Command and Control Workstations

Flexibly grouped from various combinations of outputs, a single workstation can accommodate up to 16 systems across 4 monitors. This streamlines multiple systems control and reduces equipment clutter, creating a more ergonomically effective working environment. Alternatively, the Pacific MS can configure multiple workstations, facilitating concurrent monitoring and distributed multi-user command and control operation.

Intuitive In-System User Interface

The Pacific MS offers an user-friendly in-system GUI that manages all configurations without the need for PC-based software.
It comprises intuitive router control and workstation configurations with drag-and-drop simplicity. Featuring real-time monitoring of any source/output and remote access to any source all via a single interface, the Pacific MS simplifies signal routing and centralized administration over all connected systems throughout the facility.

Local and Remote Administration

Compact enclosure powered by 12V DC source that is the standardized power supply provided in vehicles, the Sequoia Series is an ideal multi-image processor to be installed in mission-critical vehicles. Such as patrol vehicle, OB van, and mobile control center where numerous computer and video sources are particularly utilized, without the needs for additional power inverter or supply. The Sequoia Series integrates aggregated information to be easily managed and access through single keyboard and mouse set according to application demands, aiming for higher situational awareness as well as effective
decision-making in a timely manner.

System Cascade Architecture

Scalable system architecture enables multiple Pacific MS to be cascaded to accommodate additional workstations for larger command and control needs. Administration over multiple units and their connected systems remain intuitive in the same manner as managing a single Pacific MS. Through one monitor and mouse/keyboard console, administrator can freely switch control between any cascaded unit (Pacific MS or locally connected computer).

Video Wall Processor Management

The Pacific MS can be integrated with Avitech’s TitanWall video wall processor and manages multiple video walls at the instance of one PC-based software control. The administrator can easily share resources across up to four video walls throughout the facility for effective information processing, while switching back to the Pacific MS’ GUI anytime when routing reconfiguration is needed.

Integration with Existing Routing/Switching Platform

Functioning as the central hub of a complete command and control solution, the Pacific MS seamlessly adapts with any existing router installations in the control room. Compatible with numerous third-party video routers/switches, it ensures meeting the largest facility requirements and enables intuitive management of the entire command and control system from a single point of control.

All-in-One Command and Control Solution

Integrating multiple system switching, multiviewing, as well as multi-monitor workstation, video wall processor, and upstream router management, the Pacific MS is dedicated to facilitating command and control operations of any scope.
It streamlines existing routing/switching platforms and the correlated compatibility challenges, ideal for extensive range of control room applications.

CHASSIS 2RU, 3RU and 6RU chassis each houses 1 CB card and up to 5/9/16 I/O cards respectively
FRONT PANEL Front push-button panel for local switching/routing control (2RU and 3RU)
CB Card
( Control Board supports in-system GUI and local system control )
Input 1 × BNC (reference sync)
2 × USB-A (mouse/keyboard control for in-system GUI/local system)
1 × USB-B (local system mouse/keyboard connection)
1 × RJ-45 (Ethernet)
1 × RJ-45 (RS-232)
1 × RJ-45 (RS-485)
1 × HDMI (local system connection/video source)
Output 1 × HDMI (display connection for in-system GUI/local system)
Resolution at 1080p 50/60 Hz (HDCP compliant)
1 × HDBaseT (extends HDMI and mouse/keyboard control for in-system GUI/local system)
1080p transmission up to 100 meters over standard CAT5e/6 cable
1 × LED (link status indicates HDBaseT connection is established)
SIB-H Card
( HDMI input )
Input 4 × HDMI (video with 8-channel embedded audio)
Resolution up to 1920 x 1200
Signal equalization supports cable runs up to 40 meters at 1080p (24AWG)
( HDMI input/Micro HDMI loop-out )
Input 4 × HDMI (video with 8-channel embedded audio))
Output 4 × Micro HDMI (video with 8-channel embedded audio loop-out)
( SDI/CVBS input )
Input 4 × BNC (3G level A,B/HD/SD-SDI / CVBS (NTSC/PAL))
Output 4 × BNC (non-configurable source loop-out)
SIB-T Card
( HDMI/HDBaseT input )
Input 2 × HDMI (video with 8-channel embedded audio)
Resolution up to 1920 x 1200
Signal equalization supports cable runs up to 40 meters at 1080p (24AWG)
2 × HDBaseT (video, audio, and mouse/keyboard control)
Signal transmission distance up to 100 meters over standard CAT5e/6 cable
Input 2 x DVI for DVI / VGA / YPbPr input source
2 x HDMI type A connectors for HDMI / DVI input source
Input 2 × RJ-45 for connecting Avitech’s Pacific KVM over IP transmitter via CAT5e/6 Ethernet cable
Output 2 x HDMI for decoded output from the RJ-45 input source
KM Card
( Mouse/Keyboard connection )
Input 8 × USB-B (mouse/keyboard connection to source systems)
SOB-H Card
( HDMI output )
Output 4 × HDMI (video with 8-channel embedded audio)
Resolution up to 1920 × 1200 (WUXGA) at 50/60 Hz or 1600 × 1200 (UXGA) at 75Hz
(HDMI output with seamless switch)
Input 4 × USB-A (mouse/keyboard control)
Output 2 × HDMI (video with 8-channel embedded audio)
Seamless switching between 2 systems in full-screen; or dual-view display for 2 systems
Resolution up to 1920 × 1200 (WUXGA) at 50/60 Hz or 1600 × 1200 (UXGA) at 75Hz
(Quad multiview output with PiP, PoP and PbP seamless switch)
Input 2 × USB-A (mouse/keyboard control)
Output 1 × HDMI (video with 8-channel embedded audio)
Quad-view display for 4 systems; or seamless switching between dual views
Resolution up to 1920 × 1200 (WUXGA) at 50/60 Hz or 1600 × 1200 (UXGA) at 75Hz
1 × Stereo phono jack (for audio monitoring via headset)
SOB-T Card
(HDBaseT output)
Output 4 × HDBaseT (extends video, audio, and mouse/keyboard control)
Signal transmission distance up to 100 meters over standard CAT5e/6 cable
– Mouse/Keyboard control for port 1 &3 only
4 x LED (link status indicates HDBaseT connection)
MS-3: 12V DC / 20A
MS-6: 100~240V AC 50/60Hz
MS-3: Max. 220 Watt
MS-6: Max. 400 Watt
DIMENSION (L×W×H) MS-2: 9.70 × 17.30 × 3.50 inch (24.66 × 43.90 × 8.88 cm)
MS-3: 9.52 × 17.30 × 5.24 inch (24.17 × 43.90 × 13.32 cm)
MS-6: 11.48×17.28×10.49 inch (29.16 × 43.90 × 26.64 cm)
WEIGHT MS-2: Max. 11.34 lbs (5.13 Kg)
MS-3: Max. 15.98 lbs (7.25 Kg)
MS-6: Max. 33.73 lbs (15.30 Kg)
TEMPERATURE Operation: 0 °C (32 °F) to 40 °C (104 °F)
Storage: -10 °C (14 °F) to 50 °C (122 °F)
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Family : KVM Multiview, KVM Switchers, Signal Routing