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Pacific X-HDU

Datasheet (1Mb)

HDMI/USB/KVM/IR Over UTP Extender.

Key Features

KVM Extender: Supporting HDBaseT; extends uncompressed HDMI video up to 4K UHD at 30Hz, along with 8-channel audio, USB HID and IR up to 100 meters over standard CAT5e/6 cable.
Analog Signal Extension: VGA modular card converts VGA signal with analog stereo audio to HDMI for local and remote monitoring.
Source Loop Out: The transmitter (X-HDUT) allowing consecutively extending a signal to 12 display locations with each up to 100 meters apart.
Scalable Configurations: Enhanced by high performance jitter cleaner assures pristine signal extension beyond one kilometer for up to 144 locations.



The Pacific X-HDU over UTP extender consists of a transmitter unit and a receiver unit. The HDU extends an HDMI video and USB up to 100 meters away over an unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable connection, providing remote access and control of a video player, server, and computer. With support of human interface devices (HID), the Pacific X-HDU is an ideal solution for extending touchscreen functionality.


CAT5e/6 cable offers an economical and easily available solution to connect the extender transmitter and receiver units up to 100 meters apart.
Support USB HID for mouse, keyboard, and touchscreen extension.
Extend HDMI/VGA transmission up to 100 meters at 1080p @60 Hz*. (*CAT6 or better cable is recommended.)
Support VESA DDC and Hot-Plug Detect (HPD) for easy plug-and-play installation.
Provide stereo audio output for monitoring (audio in PCM output).
Active HDMI loop output for local monitoring confirmation.
Support for infrared (IR) control.
Support Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD master audio pass-through ensuring high definition and original sound quality.
Incorporate HDMI® technology (HDCP compliant).
Rack-mountable option available for simple and centralized installation.

Feature Highlights
Pacific X-HDUT/R System Diagram

Point-to-Point Configuration

Pacific X-HDUT enhances transmission of video signal (resolutions up to 3840×2160 at 30Hz, including 1080p/60Hz with 12-bit Deep Color) in conjunction with multi-channel embedded audio, USB HID and IR over CAT6 cable. With support of USB HID, user with the receiver (Pacific X-HDUR) can monitor and remotely control the source computer via a USB keyboard, mouse, or touch monitor up to 100 meters away.

Multipoint-to-Multipoint Configuration

Accommodating up to 6 independent extender cards (combinations of HDMI and VGA input cards), modular Pacific X-HDUT allows transmission of lossless video, audio, as well as control signals from various source devices to multiple remote locations.
This enables user to locate all critical computing hardware in a secured, clean, and cool environment while maintaining full user desktop experience at multiple workstations in quiet cubicles or consoles.

Point-to-Daisy-Chain Configuration

Signal transmission can be further extended when connecting the output of the Pacific X-HDUR to a downstream Pacific X-HDUT.
Various combinations of stand-alone and modular Pacific X-HDUT/R units can be cascaded up to 12 legs for transmission over 1000 meters without signal degradation.
Each transmitter unit’s HDMI loop out can be employed for local monitoring or public display applications.

Point-to-Multipoint Configuration

In addition to connecting a monitor for local use, Pacific X-HDUT’s HDMI loop out can be used as an input source for the next transmitter. This allows a source signal to be distributed and extended independently to corresponding receivers.
A single source signal can be sequentially looped and transmitted up to 12 receivers at different locations 100 meters away in parallel.

Signal Extension and Distribution

Cascaded Pacific X-HDUT/R is capable of extending a single 4K source signal up to 144 locations. This particular attribute facilitates signal distribution up to 1200 meters from one host to many without compromising image quality making Pacific X-HDUT/R an ideal solution for signage display widely employed in multitude of diverse environments.

KVM Extension with Multiviewing

Pacific X-HDUT/R is fully compatible with Avitech’s Sequoia Series, which is a 4-input-1-output multiviewer integrated with KVM switcher. It enables user at the receiver to simultaneously monitor up to 4 image/video sources across facilities on a single screen. Using only one set of keyboard and mouse, or directly tapping on the touch-screen monitor, user can freely switch and gain full control of any remote computer with no latency.

Input 1 x USB-B
(mouse/keyboard connection from the remote computer or Sequoia unit)
1 x HDMI (video/audio)

HDMI 1080p @50/60 Hz
1080i @50/60 Hz
720p @50/60 Hz
DVI-D 1080p @50/60 Hz
1080i @50/60 Hz
720p @50/60 Hz
576 i @50/60 Hz
480p @50/60 Hz
Output 1 x IR Blaster (e.g., Blu-ray player)
1 x 2.5 mm Mini Phono Jack (for IR Blaster extension cable)
1 x HDMI (loop-out)
Looping output of the HDMI input
1 x HDBaseT (video/audio/control) — extend signals for up to 100 meters
Input 1 x HDBaseT (video/audio/control) — receive signals from up to 100 meters away
1 x IR Receiver (e.g., remote controller)
1 x USB-B (for Avitech Hook control)
2 x USB-A (mouse/keyboard control for the remote computer)
Output 1 x Stereo Phono Jack (stereo/headphone)
1 x HDMI (video/audio)

HDMI 1080p @50/60 Hz
1080i @50/60 Hz
720p @50/60 Hz
DVI-D 1080p @50/60 Hz
1080i @50/60 Hz
720p @50/60 Hz
576 i @50/60 Hz
480p @50/60 Hz
Surround sound (7.1 ch), Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD
POWER REQUIREMENTS 100−240V AC / 5V DC adapter / Max. 10 Watt
DIMENSION (LxWxH) 4.10 x 5.71 x 1.22 inch (10.30 x 14.50 x 3.10 cm)
WEIGHT 0.51 lbs (0.23 Kg)
TEMPERATURE Operation: 0 °C (32 °F) to 40 °C (104 °F)
Storage: -10 °C (14 °F) to 50 °C (122 °F)
HUMIDITY 0 % to 80 % relative, non-condensing
Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Pacific X-HDUT
Rear Panel
Pacific X-HDUR
Rear Panel

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