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Sequoia Dual

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The Sequoia Dual empower multi-tasking on an unprecedented level.

Sequoia Dual

Multiviewer with Integrated KVM Switcher.

Key Features

Empowered Multi-Tasking: Flexible switching mechanisms allow users to simultaneously monitor and control any two HDMI / DVI / VGA / YPbPr connected devices on a single monitor.
Streamlined Operation: Intuitive user interface and commands for monitoring and controlling multiple computers with just one set of keyboard and mouse.
Sleek Design: Both stand-alone and rack mountable designs incorporate a thermal sensor and a quiet and speed-varying fan, suitable for various work environments.
Unlimited Versatility: Freely adjustable features along with cascading ability suit applications from individual users to large-scale institutions.


The Sequoia Dual combines the functions of a KVM (keyboard video mouse) switch and a robust multi-viewer into a single enclosure. Incorporating patented technologies, it provides a simple monitoring solution for any user who works in an environment with multiple computers.

Utilizing a combination of hot-keys and the Surfer feature—which allows users to transfer keyboard and mouse control to another computer by simply moving the mouse cursor to the window of that computer—the Sequoia Dual is able to seamlessly switch between and remotely control any of the four computers connected to it with just one keyboard and mouse.
Additionally, its scalability through cascading with other Sequoia devices makes the Sequoia Dual an ideal solution for both individual users and corporate applications.


Connect up to 4 computers or video inputs, with choice of any 2 inputs to be monitored on a display.
On-screen display with borders, labels, and a user-friendly GUI.
Freely adjustable windows with full screen capability for customized monitoring.
Automatic optimum output resolution detection.
HDCP compliant.
Remote control multiple computer systems through USB interfaces.
Directly monitor and switch control over multiple computers using the Surfer feature or combinational mouse commands.
Built-in USB hub supports a wide variety of USB devices.
Integrated file and folder transfer across computers.
Cascade up to 5 Sequoia devices and control a maximum of 20 computers with just one keyboard and mouse.
Ethernet streaming supports remote monitoring.
Multi-touch supported, applicable to touch screen monitors.

Feature Highlights
Dual-View Multiviewer

The Sequoia Dual accepts 4 input sources, with choice of any 2 to be viewed simultaneously on a single display (dual-view).
Seamless/Instant switch between video and audio source independently.
Freely adjustable image size and position; complete layout flexibility as well as full-screen and PiP overlay capability.
Embedded system with intuitive GUI featuring right-click menu and pop-up icons; allows for customized monitoring as well as advanced control and direct system configuration without any PC-based software.

Operating Modes

Incorporating multiviewer with KVM switcher, the Sequoia Series operates under two different modes dedicated to multiviewing configuration and remote control of source computer respectively.
Users can freely switch between the two modes anytime during the operation with no latency.

Built-In KVM Switch and “Surfer” Feature

Simple mouse command allows users to access any source computer (Known as Remote mode); utilizing a single set of keyboard and mouse to remotely control any connected computer.
Instant KVM switching mechanism allows transfer of keyboard and mouse control from one computer to another by simply moving the mouse cursor to the window border of the targeted computer (“Surfer” feature as indicated below).

Touch-Screen Support

The Sequoia Series features touch-screen operation, applicable where interactive touch-screen control is preferred, with support for multi-touch.
Easy source switching, image sizing and positioning, as well as operation of source computers all via USB touch-screen monitors with a tap of finger.

File / Folder Management

The Sequoia Dual employs built-in file management utility for file/folder transfer across source computers through USB interface.
Built-in utility enables browsing and accessing of files and folders contained in the hard drives of any 2 source computers currently being displayed.
Copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop methods to easily manage and transfer files and folders across computers.

Ethernet Streaming

The Sequoia Dual supports video output streaming over standard 100/1000Mb Ethernet networks.
Web browser-based video streams enable remote monitoring and control of the Sequoia Dual through multiple computers from distances.

Cascading Sequoia Series

Cascade (Daisy-chain) through USB connection is available between the Sequoia Dual, 4H, and 2H2U. Any combination of
up to 5 Sequoia devices can be cascaded to meet larger application requirements.
One set of keyboard and mouse connected to the Master Sequoia (first Sequoia) is capable of controlling all cascaded Sequoia devices as well as all connected computers (up to 20).
Simple mouse movement toward the edge of a monitor shifts the cursor across monitors (one monitor per Sequoia device) and switches over control to the corresponding Sequoia device.

Streamlined Multi-tasking

Sequoia Series stands out as a cost-effective solution for monitoring sources efficiently. Its built-in KVM switch allows the user to dynamically access multiple source computers. Utilizing one keyboard and mouse set to control up to 5 Sequoia devices and 20 source computers, Sequoia Series greatly reduces numbers of monitor/control sets as well as cabling complexity in the confined work space. Empowering individuals to multi-task, access more information and respond more effectively in a streamlined manner.

For confidential and security purposes, workstations typically consist of multiple systems under different networks in industries such as military, government, and corporate settings. With classified database being restricted to designated computers without internet access to prevent information leakage or virus incursion. The Sequoia Series allows users to switch access and operate computers dedicated to classified database and opened network interchangeably, as well as various application-specific computers all monitored and managed at one console.

Compact enclosure powered by 12V DC source that is the standardized power supply provided in vehicles, the Sequoia Series is an ideal multi-image processor to be installed in mission-critical vehicles. Such as patrol vehicle, OB van, and mobile control center where numerous computer and video sources are particularly utilized, without the needs for additional power inverter or supply. The Sequoia Series integrates aggregated information to be easily managed and access through single keyboard and mouse set according to application demands, aiming for higher situational awareness as well as effective decision-making in a timely manner.

Enhanced Multiviewing Experience

Sequoia Series displays multi-layering imageries integrated from different sources (PC, guest laptop, video recorder, document camera, etc.), allowing presented slides, instant playback of lecturers and student interactions, as well as additional materials to be freely accessed and configured to any desired layout at that instance.

Control Room and Trading Floor

The Sequoia Series integrates multiple sources to be viewed and accessed simultaneously at one console. Accompanied with extended KVM switcher, Sequoia Series is empowered to reach numerous computers across facilities and deliver real-time video, audio, and control signals ensuring critical information such as traffic and extreme weather conditions, as well as surveillance videos, emergency calls, and hospital routings from various databases can be easily accessible to operators, maintaining full computer access in the safety-critical industries.

Integrating multiple Sequoia devices at trading floors allows traders to simultaneously monitor instant world event, market data and financial information while executing professional software for data analysis on computers away from the trading floor, maintaining streamlined workflow in the space-limited work place at the same time keeping the already stressful environment undisturbed by computer emissions of heat and noise.

INPUT Front Panel 1 x USB-B (remote computer’s mouse & keyboard control)
1 x USB-A (direct mouse control)
1 x USB-A (direct keyboard control)
1 x USB-A (USB hub)
1 x Analog Audio (microphone)
Rear Panel 1 x RJ-45 (Ethernet)
2 x HDMI (video/audio)
2 x DVI-I (video; audio input only available with HDMI signals)
(resolution up to 1920 x 1200) —automatic detection
HDCP compliant
4 x USB-B (remote control of connected computers)
4 x Mini Phone Jack (for connecting with the PC’s audio/mic)
1 x 3-pin Terminal Block (for RS-232)
Side Panel 1 x Kensington® Security Slot
OUTPUT Front Panel 1 x USB-A (USB hub)
1 x Analog Audio (mono/earphone)
Rear Panel 1 x HDMI (video/audio)
HDCP compliant
Max. Resolution 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA) @50/60 Hz
1600 x 1200 (UXGA) @75 Hz
LED INDICATORS PC1–PC4 Indicate when computer connection is in Active or Standby mode
MODE Indicate when Sequoia is in Host or Remote operation mode
PWR Indicate when Sequoia is powered-on
OPERATING SYSTEM COMPATIBILITY Windows Microsoft Windows 98 Special Edition / 2000 Professional / XP / Vista / Server 2003 / Server 2008 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Mac Mac OS X 10.5 or Later Version Only
Linux OS Fedora 10, Ubuntu 8.1, Scientific 5.2, RedHat, Mint 6.0, Debian 5.0, PC Linux OS 2009, SUSE 11.1, Mandriva 2009, CentOS 5.2
POWER REQUIREMENTS 100−240V AC / 12V DC Adapter / Max. 25 Watt
DIMENSION (LxWxH) 6.00 x 6.90 x 1.70 inch (15.20 x 17.40 x 4.40 cm)
WEIGHT 1.54 lbs (0.70 Kg)
Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Sequoia Series Feature Comparison
Sequoia Dual Sequoia 4H Sequoia 2H2U
I/O 4 Input 1 Output
HDCP Compliance
Embedded System and Refined GUI
Multi-Image Display Dual-View Quad-View Quad-View
PiP Overlay Capability
Free Layout Adjustment Mouse Command on GUI Mouse Command/Hot-Key Mouse Command/Hot-Key
OSD (Cursor, 3D Border, Label, Pop-Up Icon)
KVM Switch
Surfer Feature
User-Defined Preset >50 23 Max 23 Max
Preset Briefing/Looping
System Configuration Directly on GUI Phoenix-G Software Phoenix-G Software
Touch Operation Multi-Touch Single-Touch Single-Touch
Built-in USB Hub Extend to Source Computer One Hub Two Hubs Two Hubs
Built-in File/Folder Transfer Utility
Ethernet Output Stream (Remote Monitoring and Control)
Embedded Audio I/O
Embedded Speakers
Communication Cascading with up to 4 Other Sequoia Series

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